Alarm Response Services

Alarm Response Services

Force 1 Security offers a cutting edge Alarm Response Program to ensure that if your alarm is triggered, your property receives a timely response. What good is an alarm system if there is no one to evaluate the situation when it is triggered?

At Force 1 Security, we work with alarm monitoring companies in Hamilton and across Southern Ontario to allow for a more receptive response time to alarms citywide. We are at the cutting edge of alarm response time while still committed to safety and professionalism. We work with both homes and businesses for Hamilton alarm response services.

When an alarm is triggered, the alarm monitoring companies notify our alarm response team who will immediately attend the property. Our responsibility is to ensure that all is safe and there has been no entry or damage on the premises. If there has been a break in or other damage, we can apprehend suspects still on-site and ensure that the scene and evidence are not tampered with until the police arrive. We document information related to the incident in writing and deliver it to the client and the alarm company.

Our team of alarm response team is dedicated, professional, and committed to the safety and security of your property. We pride ourselves on having a fast alarm response time to be able to apprehend any criminals at the scene and accurately document any damage done.

Get The Alarm Response Time You Need

If you need a faster alarm response time, Force 1 Security can help. Contact us today to set up your consultation to determine your security needs and how Force 1 Security can help.

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