Executive Protection & Bodyguard Services

Executive Protection & Body Guard Services

Force 1 Security is proud to offer personal body guard services for special assignments. Celebrities, athletes, politicians – we have the training and experience to provide executive protection to any individual who may need it.

We offer a full range of discreet, personal, and professional executive protection services to a variety of individuals and groups. Our Hamilton body guard team works both short and long term to provide the protection services necessary. We know that when it comes to executive services, each client is different. We approach each situation with extensive training so we know that we can respond to any emergency situation that may arise.

Our body guard team has undergone extensive and specific training to protect individuals in a variety of situations. We can handle situations involving the media and large crowds to keep our clients safe against any potential threat.

We also provide executive protection and body guard services to families or individuals at home or while travelling should they need protection. Our bodyguards are trained to act discretely and blend in with the environment to avoid being intrusive in your daily life.

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If you need executive protection or body guard services for an individual or group, we can help. We provide professional and discrete body guard services for a variety of situations. Contact us today to book a consultation so we can find the best way to protect you.