Mobile Patrol Services

Mobile Patrol Services

Our mobile patrol team is trained and staffed by dedicated personnel able to carry out duties independently to the client’s satisfaction.

The mobile patrol team is responsible for the active supervision of all on-site personnel and for providing support and emergency response to locations where assistance is required. Mobile patrol supervisors ensure that our guards are maintaining the high standards that are required at each site. They are available 24 hours a day to assist where necessary in case of emergencies.

Our fleet of marked vehicles is constantly growing to fit all your security needs. Our vehicles come fully equipped with camera and audio surveillance functions when required depending on the client’s request. The team is fully trained in using all necessary equipment to provide you with the information and peace of mind you require.

If your home or business is going to be left vacant or unmanned for a long period of time, our 24/7 mobile patrol services can help give you peace of mind. Mobile patrol units are also available to make designated checks on client’s homes and businesses to make sure they are secure and provide a report of any unusual occurrences. This is an alternative option to having a guard present at all times and supplementary to an alarm system.

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If you’re looking for mobile patrol services to supplement your alarm system or monitor existing security guards, Force 1 Security can help. Our constantly growing team of mobile patrol guards and supervisors can provide the protection you need!

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